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We are Crowbox, an independent game developer from Germany and we are currently working on the release of our first game EndCiv. We are still in an early phase but progress is being made rapidly. You can use this Blog for the latest news and information about the game and the progress of development. If you are not familiar with our ideas you should first check out this page for the concept and key features.

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Recent articles

Indiegogo, instead

I hate to do that but at the current situation we cannot make use of Kickstarter and have to use Indiegogo instead. Details are written below.
I don’t say that Indiegogo is bad and I see certain advantages such as PayPal payments. But I have the feeling that Kickstarter has a major userbase. Hopefully we can attract enough people to pledge on our campaign.

Our studio is located in Germany and at this point it is not possible to start a Kickstarter campaign from here. We would have done it on behalf of one of our freelancers but the new guidelines of Kickstarter where unpleasant to him and we have to accept that.
Because this happens two weeks before we want to launch we see no other alternative to use Indiegogo.

Todays work: Gardens

Today we have implemented a garden.

The garden is a rectangular area and each tile of it can have one plant. Each plant must be planted by a citizen and there can only be one type of plant in each garden.

Each plant needs water to grow, without water it slowly dies. While a plant grows it generates food and can be harvested. The longer it grows the more food it holds, but once it is fully developed it only lasts for a given time.
The simulation works fine already, now we only have to tell the people how to use the garden.

Once we did that we will show you how it works.

Soon on Kickstarter

We have been pushing the Kickstarter campaign since September but the time has come to not hold back anymore. We will go live on Kickstarter on October.
The development plans are that we publish a basic version (1.0) in 2015. After that we will continue working on the project in subversions which each include new features and content.

To ensure the development of the basic version we need a pretty low funding goal of 15k USD. Stretch goals which we include to the campaign would represent the additional versions.
However the campaign turns out it does not change our plans. The only difference is that we can implement some features earlier if we reach a higher funding goal.

To show at least a little bit of gameplay, here is what we have

Core Gameplay enhanced

Hello everybody, the las update on this blog has been a while but we have done massive updates. We plan to show up a video within the next weeks showing all of those updates.
If you want to know about future plans and release dates then I can only tell you that we actually want to do a Kickstarter campaign in the next months, but we have to do some more progress still.

Most important is that the core gameplay is near completion. The game has a main menu with a few settings. Then the game loads data and generates a map procedurally. The algorithm currently includes rivers, mountains and resource piles such as scrap, plastic and rubble.
The bunker of the player is randomly placed in the world. The player

People management enhanced

A few days ago we started to work on the soundtrack and are currently about to refine the overall style.
Visually I refined the overall mood a bit and night time is not pitch black anymore but has a bluish tone.
But for now the aesthetics have to rest for a while, core features are important!

As you can see in the image above citizens now have some attributes and they already consume water and food.
You are able to define rations of how much food and water citizens consume in a day. This affects how hungry or thirsty they are which influences satisfaction.

Also the people can have jobs like a worker. Buildings now start as a construction site when you place them and workers are assigned automatically to the sites.

Terrain System Update

There has been a lot of progress behind the scenes for the last few weeks. The Art pipeline is set and consists of two concept artists and one 3D artist.
You can view their work here: (Click on continue reading to view links)
Michail – ConceptArt
Lorena – ConceptArt
Ozren – 3D Artist

A terrain system has been created with which it is possible to modify the environment by data such as humidity. Pumping stations will water the dry soil so the player can run agriculture on it.
Rivers and other elements will be generated when the game starts.


Also the terrain supports variable sea levels automatically. I can imagine that his has impact on the gameplay at a later stage. Shrinkin water level of small pools of water would be one thing. Those get

First feature by French website

PromoterApp notified me about an article posted by GameSphere. My little french was enought to find out that the article was quite full of information, that is especially nice because we published quite nothing so far :)

Anyhow this shows me that the game seems to be on the right direction.

Recent Updates: Energy distribution

The last days I spent for some art briefing and for the development of the energy system.
Currently it is possible to collect energy as you can see here:

More testing was done on the luminous features of the buildings. It still is a very early test and far from production, but it seems to work out fine. A few images have to be enough for now. I hope to present a second video which shows some of the construction and gathering of resources soon.



Update: Implementing citizens

  • Posted On March 10, 2014
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The last days I continued to setup the basic systems. I extended the user interface (NGUI) and implemented some icons. Because I like to have nice graphics all the time I used ones of another game and therefore they are blurred in the image – a tribute to copyrights.

On the lower left side is information of the current selected building which is marked by a white outline. The outline is done in Photoshop, but will look like this later. In the box you can see that each house has different residents.
As you can see there are some dummy citizens which are “walking” randomly in town. Each citizen belongs to a house and is spawned in it (later depending on where they come from). Here is a small explanation

Today: Working on basic economy system

After the website seems to work fine I started working on the very basic system for town and building features.

I will give you a short overview of how I manage the code. Nearly anything that is placeable (on the grid) is based on the GridItem class which is a MonoBehaviour. This has very basic properties that belong to grid placement such as grid-size. But basically it has some of methods that are called here and there and which can be overwritten by a class such as Building which inherits from GridItem.

In an earlier prototype I made basic classes like Plant, Producer, House and so on which all inherited from Building. Because some buildings can have various features I decided to do it in a more modular way. Therefore

Setting up this blog

Hello everyone.
We are currently working on this website and are about to have a solid platform for communication.

There is an e-mail subscribtion available and you are asked to subscribe there. I am still figuring out how it works in detail but it seems to be promising. Please don’t be angry when you should recieve some strange e-mails in the next days but report them to us (best right below here) so we can fix the issues.
There will be two options to choose from: EndCiv and weekly or monthly updates. Choose EndCiv if you won’t miss the important announcements such the release.

Thanks for subsribtion.

Prototype video after 7-Days

This time I promised to push this game forward and I do. It is not even a week after I decided to redo this game and started from scratch. After watching the video by myself I decided not to hide it from public. May watch it in fullscreen.

EndCiv is alive

EndCiv now is in my mind since 2010 and my idea of it has changed during this time. Several reasons forced me to cancel another project I was working on and focus on EndCiv only.
Now the game will go back to its roots. A survival city builder game may describes EndCiv the best.
No MMO, no multiplayer for now. Just a glomy experience of a wasteland simulation.
What it will be in the future is open, there are no limits basically.

So what can you expect?
EndCiv is located in a post-apocalyptic Earth scenario in near future. Live on Earth has changed dramaticly and has been completely wiped out. Several people survived in the underground.

You, as a leader of one of those bunkers, have to reach out with your people to colonize