ENDCIV is a post apocalyptic strategy game with city building elements and high quality graphics. The major challenge for the player is to build-up a settlement and defend it against various threads. Some of the resources are directly connected to the environmental simulation such as animal population and weather, dependent on daytime, season, rain and wind.

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  • EndCiv will have a weather simulation that not just is a graphical feature. Water is the most important good in the wastelands and rain is one source to fill water tanks. A fresh breeze of wind not just is pleasant to your citizens - it also helps gaining electricity. Weather can be dangerous too, such as thunder and hurricanes which damage houses and citizens.

    The game will feature a stepless simulation of daytime which has direct influence on the gameplay. At morning people wake up one by one and go to work. At noon you have plenty of time to do what you have planned before. At the evening you have to care about anyone to come home. At night you have to care to not get attacked.

    Electricity is another important good because it helps you to defend yourself and to simply grow your empire. Light is both, safety and luxury. People are happy when they can waste some resources, but you have to supply the most important facilities with energy first. But how to obtain energy?

    Earth is full of scrap. Among the junk there are rare resources such as solar panels and machines that can be used for generators such as wind power plants. You also will have the option, when we developed that far, to clean the surface from all the junk and acquire greenish, fertile ground around your cities. Anyhow we still think about this as a feature, not a must.

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