People management enhanced

A few days ago we started to work on the soundtrack and are currently about to refine the overall style.
Visually I refined the overall mood a bit and night time is not pitch black anymore but has a bluish tone.
But for now the aesthetics have to rest for a while, core features are important!

As you can see in the image above citizens now have some attributes and they already consume water and food.
You are able to define rations of how much food and water citizens consume in a day. This affects how hungry or thirsty they are which influences satisfaction.

Also the people can have jobs like a worker. Buildings now start as a construction site when you place them and workers are assigned automatically to the sites.



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Founder of Crowbox and vision keeper of ENDCIV.

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By Deante - 17 April 2014 - Reply

English: Hey CROWBOX, you should add some kind technology feature, which would help you, other villages, and emotions which may lead to problems or benefits! It would be pretty cool.. Anyway keep on the game, I’m really excited to see the end product!

Thanks, Deante

Deutsch: Hallo CROWBOX, sollten Sie eine Art Technologie Feature hinzuzufügen, die Sie, andere Dörfer und Emotionen, die zu Problemen führen können oder Vorteile helfen würde! Es wäre ziemlich cool. Wie auch immer auf das Spiel zu halten, ich bin wirklich aufgeregt, um das Endprodukt zu sehen!

Danke, Deante

By Deante - 17 April 2014 - Reply

English: Also you should have random old irradiated cities spawn.

Deutsch:Sie sollten auch Zufalls alt bestrahlten Städte laichen.

By Kevin - 17 April 2014 - Reply

Thanks for your comments.

In the early stage of the game there will be special places on the map which are ruins from the past. Those can have resources to collect or other benefits.
Things like other players or raiders are something to consider but not implemented in the first verions of the game.

But research and upgrades are definietly an important point for this game.

Btw there is no need to translate into (strange) german text^^

By Ben - 18 April 2014 - Reply

Please keep info flowing fella’s ,Love it

By Kevin - 18 April 2014 - Reply

We do, even if it is very little at the moment.

By Ben - 19 April 2014 - Reply

Nice update!

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