Update: Implementing citizens

The last days I continued to setup the basic systems. I extended the user interface (NGUI) and implemented some icons. Because I like to have nice graphics all the time I used ones of another game and therefore they are blurred in the image – a tribute to copyrights.

On the lower left side is information of the current selected building which is marked by a white outline. The outline is done in Photoshop, but will look like this later. In the box you can see that each house has different residents.
As you can see there are some dummy citizens which are “walking” randomly in town. Each citizen belongs to a house and is spawned in it (later depending on where they come from). Here is a small explanation of the current citizen concept.

Generally there are 5 pools of people:

  • The bunker people
  • Regular citizens
  • Newborn
  • Homeless
  • Strangers

The back-story is that a bunch of people lived underground and below your first town there are still a few people (20, 50, 200…). As you have to re-civilize earth, all of those people should colonize the surface. This means however your citizens develop, if they die for instance, there is some “backup people” for a while which help you not to fail completely.

The rule is that you have to provide space to live before any new citizens come to your town. Therefore, homeless people only occur if you lose houses (damage or removing). Then the homeless people have priority, before any new citizen comes to town, all homeless have to have a place to live. I still think about how newborn will be handled, this is a question of how detailed the simulation will be.
Strangers are nomads who walk through the wastelands and would like to live in your town. If you don’t have a place for them, you may have to watch them being a victim of the wastelands.



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By Ben - 10 March 2014 - Reply

Looking good, Give a shout if testing is needed.

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